Për avancimin e mëtejmë të drejtës së autorit dhe të drejtave të përaafërta.


The process of mediation, provides an alternative resolution of the certain disputes. The process of setting general fees for the use of copyright, passes through several phases, and one of potential phases of the development of this process is that of mediation. If one phase is not successful, it is proceeded with the next phase.

The first phase is that of negotiations between the associations for collective rights administration and users representatives. The second phase, if negotiations do not reach an agreement on fees, the law has stipulated as mandatory the mediation phase between the aforementioned parties. In order to implement the law, the Office has drafted the Regulation on mediation, which is approved by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo.

This regulation, defines the procedure of mediation between the collective associations and representatives of users, on the achievement of comprehensive agreements on the general fees for the use of copyright works. Moreover, it determines the level, type of education, and other criteria that a mediator must meet to enter the list of mediators.

The third and final phase begins if the mediation process does not result in reaching the agreement regarding the general fees, and then the fees are approved by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo.

The training of mediators and mediation in achieving comprehensive agreements on general fees - In order to strengthen the system of copyright, and the establishment of the mechanism of mediation for setting general fees, The Office, based on law and regulation for Mediation has called for application of all mediators licensed by the Ministry of Justice and those who have fulfilled the conditions set by the Regulation of Copyright Mediation.

After the evaluation of the relevant documents received from the applicants and the interviews were carried out, the commission has selected seven mediators. The Office, organized an advanced training for the seven selected mediators, held by the prominent Croatian lawyer Mr. Mladen Vukmir, who is the only mediator in the region recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization. Trained mediators are appointed by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, at its meeting held on 05.04.2013, and are willing to mediate, if necessary, specifically if the agreement under the negotiation phase was not reached.

Mediators selected for disputes in the field of copyright and related rights;
Albana Tigani  - Phone number 044 220 808
Ilir Gaxha - Phone number 044 112 460
Mentor Hajdaraj - Phone number 044 223 422
Destan Bujupi - Phone number 044 347 641
Jusuf Jahmurataj - Phone number 044 328 302
Besim Kajtazi - Phone number 044 346 056
Faton  Morina - Phone number 044 264 147